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Surly make serious steel bikes for people who don’t take themselves too seriously. Their bikes are solid, sensible, versatile and fun, and suit all kinds of riding – on-road, off-road, gravel, asphalt, commuting, touring, expedition and heavy duty cargo haulin’.

At Metro Cycles we’ve always got a great range of Surly bikes in stock for test-rides. Surly offer a great range of complete bikes, or if you’ve got a dream bike in mind, we can modify, tinker and tweak, or offer full custom bespoke builds using Surly frames and parts.

Metro Cycles ONLINE store is permanently closed and our stock has been transitioned to new owners: DRIFT BIKES.
Stocked products will soon appear on a DRIFT BIKES METRO page of the DRIFT BIKES WEBSITE -
Until such time, please enquire about products shown on the Metro Cycles website by emailing

Our on-line products are just a selection of our in-store range. Can't see what you want? Contact us anytime.