It started with a pencil sketch that led to an unexpected reinvention of bike design. The idea was simple. Tweak the standard geometry of the frame to create a more natural seating position and the ability to put your feet flat on the ground when starting and stopping. Benno Baenziger called it Flat Foot Technology and it helped the Electra Bicycle Company he co-founded in 1993 inspire millions of people to ride. It seemed like common sense, but the rest of the bike industry was ignoring the real wants and needs of riders. In Benno’s opinion, this is still true today.

Baenziger founded Benno Bikes in 2015 with the goal of reinventing bike design once again. Not only to inspire more people to ride, but to empower them to ride more. To grab a helmet and leave their car keys behind. As a designer, Baenziger is awed by the potential of electrification. It has transformed his humble pencil into a full-color palette of possibilities and changed the way he thinks about bike design and functionality. Electric assist flattens hills, shortens distances, blunts headwinds and lightens cargo weight, leaving only the joy of two wheels, without the objections. Benno believes most bike companies have yet to truly understand the power of electric assist technology to impact our everyday transportation choices so they’ve created a completely new ebike category. One that combines an awesome ride with the capability to carry significant loads. Where agility meets true utility – E-tility.