Product Reviews

Yuba Kombi – $1,849

With it’s attractive price point, the Kombi makes a family cargo bike more accessible than ever.

  • Steel frame with a chromoly fork, 22kg total bike weight. It has a hefty 200kg load capacity (incl. rider) and 25kg max load on the front basket (optional extra).
  • 24″ wheels – not too big, not too small. Providing a lower centre of gravity for stability but still able to accommodate riders 1.5-1.95m tall.
  • The rear fits two child seats (we recommmend Urban Iki with this bike) or three young kids (or one adult) straddling.
  • The Kombi adjusts as your kids grow, fits a baby seat on the front, child seats on the back and padded panels for straddling as the kids get older. Once kids have their own wheels it can tow their bikes while they hop on the back if they can’t go the distance.
  • Budget approx. $1000 for accessories (we offer a package discount with the bike) and approx. $1700-2000 to add a Bafang mid-drive, cadence activated motor and battery conversion. We recommend upgrading to the Yuba Stand Together double leg stand for any bike in the Yuba range.