Electra Townie Go! 8D step-through (MY22)


Electra bikes

Electra bikes embody the most relaxed and enjoyable parts of cycling with their laid back comfort and undeniably distinctive style. The Electra Townie Go! 8D offers a long, low and stable frame geometry, teamed up with added assistance of the Bosch Active Line (40Nm) mid-drive motor and a 300Wh battery.

Electra’s patented ‘Flat Foot Technology’ creates a unique and comfortable ride position. The saddle is lower and more rearward from the pedals allowing riders to stop with feet flatter on the ground, but still extend their legs for an efficient pedal stroke.

Load rated for riders up to 120kg, and with a wide, comfortable saddle, and wide bouncy balloon tyres, this is also a great choice for our larger riders and the perfect bike for cruising around town.

If you’re taking luggage along, you can add a rear rack or a front basket. We have a great range of baskets, crates and panniers in stock and help you select the perfect combination.  It also comes fitted with mounting points for a ring/frame lock.  Combine this with a plug-in chain for convenient, high security.

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