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The XDS City 24 folding bike is the ultimate traveller’s accessory for short business trips, perfect accessory in the boot of your car for when driving becomes a chore, or even if space is tight at home. More than just easy to transport, with a 24” wheelset – on the larger size for a folding bike – the City 24 is an efficient bike to ride and more manageable over uneven terrains. A high top speed is the result of the larger wheels paired with an 8-Speed Shimano drivetrain.

The XDS City 24 folds at the mid-section of its frame and handlebars to reduce both the height and length of the bike during storage. The alloy frame is light but durable, making it easy to carry and allowing it to stand up to the knocks of transit. The steel rack above the rear wheel is the traveler’s best friend, perfect for attaching small day packs and decent sized cargo.

Front and rear Tektro V Brakes give you confidence in the safety of your ride, knowing you have stopping power at the pull of a lever. An 8 speed Shimano Drivetrain with Shimano Altus shifter and Acera Derailleur will power you through any city streets, giving you the flexibility to conquer steep climbs, or sprint to meet tight deadlines. If you find yourself travelling a lot, and miss the freedom of the open road, then the XDS City 24 folding bike might just be the best companion for your trips.

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