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Yuba Fastrack


Yuba cargo bikes

Discover Yuba’s newest addition to their longtail line up – a compact electric family cargo bike to balance your hauling needs with your budget.

Enough power for most hills and probably some to spare (Shimano Steps E7000, 60Nm), Shimano Deore 10speed derailleur, a big 500Wh battery (plenty of range between charges), enough space for two little ones or one bigger one, and lots of inclusions (eg. front rack, running boards, double leg kickstand) to minimise the cost of extra additions. We think 60Nm will suit the majority of customers unless their daily commutes are at the top of a very steep hill.

The unique cargo-carrying system how 4 modes: running boards (folded up for compact parking, or down for passenger use / cargo support) or lever them up, level with the deck of the rear rack, as a flat tray system (side flaps either up or down to suit your load).

20″ wheels keep it compact and manoeuvrable with a low centre of gravity for excellent stability when loaded with cargo or passengers. Good quality components.

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