Yuba Mundo Electric (MY21)


Yuba cargo bikes

Live large on the new Electric Mundo Cargo Bike – the ‘minivan of bicycles’ just got turbo-boosted.

Improving on the classic Mundo Cargo Bike design, the Electric Mundo is overbuilt in all the right ways.

The new Mundo sports a chromoly steel frame for added comfort and strength, Magura hydraulic disc brakes for optimal braking power and the Shimano Steps E8000 motor, for added pedal power up to 25 kph.

Yuba’s largest, most capable longtail cargo bike will let you and your family go the distance – with less sweat. From morning commutes to weekend picnics, this electrified version of the original cargo bike will push the limits of what you ever thought a bike could do.

NOTE: Front Breadbasket, foot rails and sideboards, top deck, soft spots, monkey bars and child seats are add on accessories available separately.


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